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Dua Gadis India Berkunjung ke MedWist Parangjoro Untuk Program Language & Culture Exchange

Dua gadis India bernama Nikhila & Abhaya Parvathi beberapa hari tinggal di MedWist untuk beberapa menikmati suasana Desa Parangjoro. 

Baginya tinggal di sebuah Desa dan menikmati Normal Living sangatlah menyenangkan. Menjadikan sebuah Culture Experience tersendiri. 

Abhaya and I were late to reach Solo as well after our time at Bali and then we stayed in Jogja. We only had a few days at Adik's place (MedWist), but really wished we could stay more. It was literally home away from home! Adik, his wife Indri and the kids made us really comfortable and took us in as a part of the family.

We dined together, went shopping, saw places, watched a play, experienced the real life in Solo. The MedWist students are really smart and happy to learn; we had conversations, games, preparing them for interviews and to get ready for the hospitality industry. They were always ready to help you out with anything you needed.

If you're a foodie, you will not be disappointed at this place; the family takes the hospitality business seriously! They even got us our favourite dish, though it was a challenge to figure out what we wanted (forgot the name!)

They took us for a play and were happy to talk to us about the culture and tradition. Also we went to the Palace and paid a visit to Indri's house". Niki and Abhaya. 

Komentar Niki dan Abhaya atau yang lebih akrab dipanggil Paru saat memberikan komentar sebelum meninggalkan Desa Parangjoro. 

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Santai bersama Pak Ripto Asli Penduduk Desa Parangjoro

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